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Jargon Jagran

Feb. 18th, 2009 03:01 pm Konnect



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Feb. 1st, 2009 02:22 am Absolut

There is a lot happening in my country these days . We are, at odds with our poor cousin , coming to terms with India's first ever corporate fraud , weathering the economic crisis and  to top it all it seems to be morally , rather culturally , abominable to sit down and have a drink. Let's look at it one after the other. On the first count India's sustained diplomatic offensive, albeit loaded with awful lot of Roshogolla and Maja Jhol , seems to be heading down south on Chowringhee lane . All we have are mere spiteful staements and equally  vitrolic retorts flying back and across our borders.One might argue that this was a heretic's mid summer night's dream to pursue the diplomatic path to avenge the attack .But what most people forget is that our means are determined by our predicament. It is all but easy to champion the need for action and revenge, to resort to military options.,But the inescapable fact of the matter is that that would serve to only champion a cause but not solve the problem. Let's look at why. Without trying address the larger issue of combating terrorism the issue at hand is to bring the perpatrators of the aatack to justice. That being said resorting  to military options would mean larger consequnces of a full scale WAR with Pakistan , for the ones we seek , as the the information minister of Pakistan very eloquently put it , are not roaming around in our neighbourhood. Given that the attackers are in collusion with army establishment ( the concept of state vs non state actors becomes relevant when there is a state ) and  living normal lives like most other non-state actors (aka the ordinary Pakistani Citizen) it would be foolish to use military options on Karachi, Faridkot and the few other cities in Pakistan for that would be WAR. We cannot go and bomb one house in Karachi , one village in Faridkot without violating their airspace or their territory both of which mean WAR. TO achieve this the Indian armed forces would have to march into Karachi by which time they probably would be cozying upto their cousins on the other side of the border. All we would then be left with would be two ravenous armies backed two blood thristy nations on a collision course headed towards armageddon. A classic case of  Ants in your pants. Mind you our neighbours would be more than keen spectators in the event of war . The Chinese would be more than happy to help , the Americans would be concerned . Its quite a platter to have to bite into when you have 2 of the world's biggest powers to deal with. The softer military option , or as it seems to be  the jargon these days , the clinically violent option, would be to target POK which begs another interesting question. How would the ends be justified in attacking Pok given that the terrorists came from Pakistan and not Pok. it gives Pakistan a lot of diplomatic leeway to distort the issue and successfully morph it into a bilateral conflict over the zillion problems we have  with each other. Lets us not forget for a moment that as we contemplate the idea war the threat of Nuclear war looms large over our skies. It is but a known fact that Pakistan is militarily no match for India's might which only adds to the threat of D-Day. My only request to those who seek action on the ground . Please think it through. I am not playing the Devil's advocate , I am only reminding you of the devil that we wish to deal with. 

On a different note I am as hot blooded as any other Indian, who would like to see the Indian army carpet bomb terrorist outfits and camps in Pakistan and sublimate  those responsible for the attacks. I would like it as much to see the Pakistani Prime Minister escort their select few first Citizens on a plane to India . I would like to draw the map of India without flinching an eye at the very top. I am not willing to conceede, let alone acknowledge, the territorial control of a portion of my country by Pakistan. I do not wish to tolerate the notion of anti-nationalism in the garb of separatism in my country. I do not wish to have to pay for the grave mistakes committed by a select few for eternity .  I too seek absolution and action. But life rarely is absolute for we are always determined by our ends and constrained in our means. It is a painful truth to swallow. But then such is India, my country . 

P.S : To be continued

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Jan. 3rd, 2009 05:11 am 2 cents of Loose Change

 I wonder why it's a phenomenon of sorts. It seems to hit everybody at around the same time. I dont think it would be an exaggeration if I were to claim to speak for many who are faced with the same amount and kind  of confusion , self-doubt and lack of clarity about their lives in general and their careers in particular. Given the pressures of professional and personal lives one tends to lose track of priorities and interests and reluctantly meanders along the routine of life as usual. One doesn't get to spend as much time with oneself as one ought to to be able to reflect upon life ,become aware of the reality and realize the difference to affect change, if necessary. We all somehow seem to get into our own shells of comfort floating on familiar waters blissfully ignorant of the vast ocean that surrounds us . Change and Challenge somehow to disappear with time as our shells become harder and harder. Hard on the outside . Brittle on the inside . Why do we become inhabitants of the abyss of despondence . Why dont we rise above familiar waters for a breath of fresh air into a different light , rather spotlight of hope and spirit. Isnt it time for, a new resolve , a new  tune  ,a new song , a new light ..isnt it time to be stung by the wind of change ,isnt time that we let ourselves be lit by the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. It is ! There is a time for everything and this year . the new year.. is the time for change .. 

We all are in one way or another mired in some sort of confusion; plagued and muddled in problems of some sort. Yet we all know the shackles of life that we are entangled in. There might not be elegant solutions to all of them. Infact there are questions about some questions.
A lot unknown about the known. Yet there is one force that time has proved time over time to be infallible.The one force that is at the very core of life as we have come to know of it . The one force that has ushered in evolution in all spheres of human life.The force of change .  The only truth after truth itself . First in life there is change then there is life. 

Let us not resolve to do . Let us not resolve to solve . Let us not resolve to star as stars. Let us not resolve to war as stars.

Let us just Change ! May the force be with you  ... 

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Nov. 10th, 2008 11:50 pm +iction

 In life one must be passionate. About something or atleast about somebody. The latter is easier said than done but the former is an integral part of life ,rather life itself. I believe that in life one must be passionate about something and have the dynamism and the hunger to pursue it striving through myriad obstacles and hindrances along the way. It is in that where one seeks to define one's life , build a personality and earn his bread and ofcourse the butter. For those who have found it by choice the canvas of life seems picture perfect unmindful of the little blots and blemishes , and the brushes that one may have in life.  And at some point it transcends to become an obsession or maybe if one is lucky enough an addiction. The joy in an addiction is non-parallel . In some ways it probably is a refined form of gratification or maybe a heightened one.In some ways most of us are addicts. Be it phyisical, psycological, material, intellectual - coffee ( not me ) , women, sport, food, music, sex, weed, alchohol and the works. It almost seems that we as humans are pre-disposed to addiction of some sort or the other .And given the success of the human race as opposed to other species it mostly is favourable evolutionarily. 

Scientifically addictions are supposed to stimulate the synapses and increase the endorphin levels in the body  that elevate one's state of mind to a higher plane of gratification. The sense of gratification does not emerge merely  from the object of addiction but from the perpetuated sense of oneness with the idea of addiction and as much with the object of addiction itself. It s rather fascinating though as to how and why we choose to get addicted to the things we get addicted to. Any addiction must appeal not only to the eye and the body but also appease the mind and yet at the same time should not bring with it any downsides. An addiction that does not entice and saitsy the mind is not worth the effort or the instant gratification that it gives.It should  lend stimulus to the mind and stimulate the self to look inwards and transform it into something truly unique.Great people did not set out to do great things. They did it ! .  A positive additiction is not a fanciful hobby , it is not a vacuous intellectual activity but a spirit that kindles the mind. 

+ction is also necessary. 

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Jul. 21st, 2008 01:56 am

I find writing to be a very relaxing activity. It somehow forms an avenue for those myriad thoughts running along different streams to coalsce at one point - the confluence of all the thoughts and sounds inside one's head. It somehow manages to the get the mind to garner the focus and the restraint needed for a reflection on the thoughts in one's mind. It sets the tempo for order , structure in an otherwise chaotic vortex of thoughts and ideas. One must treat the incapability of the hand to keep pace with the mind as a blessing in disguise for it helps in restraining the mind to retreat from its own grip. Yet another thing to note is that since writing is an extremely strenuous activity that requires almost complete attention of the mind , the mind is peacefully focussed on co-ordinating between the hand , the mind and the space beyond.It infact can be therapuetic.

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Jul. 18th, 2008 01:46 am Nail Polish

I was talking to my colleague today about the state of BSNL and its management ..or the lack of it . He was lamenting to me the very many abnormalities, anamolies and absurdities that exist in this giant  PSU . In a nutshell it reeks of the same symptoms that plague possibly every govt controlled body or PSU, The man at the very top is the least bit concerned about the common good and much lesser about the common man. His primal almost subconscious instinct that guides his every thought and action is ostensibly biased towards a vested interest. Be it money,power,favouritism. One wonders as to how these esteemed guardians of public interest  disband every notion of righteousness ,fairness and responsibility to the extent that they become absolutely ,rather blissfully, ignorant of the consequnces of their actions in the present and the future and indulge themselves like an adamant infant grabbing every piece of candy it can sense.

This begs the question as to the enviroment around him that sustains this culture of blatant corruption and illegitimacy. I think when industry and corporate talk about inefficiency and corruption in the functioning of the bureacracy and the governement it ought do some introspection to answer some pertinent questions about their own involvment. It seems to be an accepted tenet in the Indian business environment to collude with the politican and the bureacrat of the day to further one's business interests even thought they may be in direct contravention to their holier than thou corporate values and principles. Take the case of the Telecom industry- It is open secret that that the fortunes of BSNL are deliberately being undermined by the minister in favour of the private operators. Add to this the facade of the 3g spectrum bidding process which ironically has caught the attention of the nation thanks yet again to vested interests and political gamesmanship. The suprising thing is the media seems to be more bothered about the whim and fancy of a few frog princes' and their leaning towards left or the right of centre  blurring the very issues that are of central importance. Why isnt the nation outraged over this and why arent we being more vigilant and proactive about setting these things right. Why is it a tradition that the ones in whom we bestow responsibility betray us blatantly. It is absolute and powerful . and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Im still happy looking at the sight of my inked finger nail.Or is it just nail polish 

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Jul. 9th, 2008 01:49 am Jaane Tu....

Every now and then just as to reinforce belief in the good comes along a refreshingly nice thing. It could be something as simple as a wet rainy day , a cherished memory , a haunting tune , an old friend , an absorbing book  or  better still something that captures all of this .. a movie ..Thatz Jaane Tu.. This somehow has the same flavor of freshness to it that Dil Chahta Hai had when it came out . A welcome break from the drudgery of Naach, gaana and action. As with Dil Chahta Hai there is nothing novel about the plot or the charecters. Infact its probably a very old story told in a very different way. The fresh faces in the movie and the way the story is told , the chripy , bubbly charecters all lend different strokes to this beautiful piece of art. Infact the role compliments Imran's innocence towards acting and he has managerd to pull it off with as much ease and panache as the role needed. Genelia seems to fit her role to the T with the look and feel of a 20 something almost befitting her demeanour. Kudos to Abbas Tyrewala for a brilliant job in putting all together and crafting a simple yet beautiful story on celluloid. It probably goes unsaid that given all the eccentricity and the cantankerousness that Aamir Khan is purported to possess it stems from the obsession and the passion he has towards making cinema of a different kind. As always full marks to him. And A.R Rehman lives upto his reputation as always with some haunting tunes like the title track and Aditi ...... A must watch 

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May. 4th, 2008 02:01 am raat baaki

After a long time tonight rather today  was a night like old times.. old bangalore types..no traffic not too many people jostling for space and air no traffic lights to contend with.. no policeman smelling down your throat :) ( its a pity... but i see that they finally have those detectors)  .. and ofcourse not too many Auto Rajas doing the drift ... With the gentle breeze whistling past the rustling leaves the moonlit sky  it almost  seemed like a summer ballad on song . It was a pleasurable cruise to EMPIRE , the place to head out for that soothing dal fry and chicken kabaab at twilight . In as much as the otherwise busy roads wore a peaceful look the end of church street was a stark contrast. Bustling with activity and people it seemed nothing like the time of the day . It's interesting to walk into a place like EMPIRE at twilight hours. It makes for quite an interesting collage of people and their moods. Some inebriated , some just plain stoned, some peering eyes , some furtive glances at plunging necklines and hemlines, some condescending stares , some too eager to smile, some just too engrossed in the food and some (yes there exists these kind too ) just quietly amused by all of this reminisicing of old times and memories. For once  I sat alone which proved to be an advantage since there werent too many empty tables around. However a few minutes into my kabaab a few uninvited latched to the only empty seat available in the restaurant. My immidiate resentment , I must admit , later weaned away as it made room for some titbits of gossip. Some rants about the promiscuous colleague who is about to become a father, some heartburn for the inhouse Honey Trap  who seems imore inrtiguing by the day, an old flame in wedlock who still talks for hours across seven seas with her lost love  and some good old cribs about the ****ed up boss . Must say the dal fry felt nicer with the Tadka . Seems like one night at the kaal centre . Gee our types are too boring. Get over "it".

Like most things another table became available and that fleeting moment of resentment had turned into one of curiosity . To add to the melange of chracters an old friend rather a known face from those shady adolscent days cropped up in a new avataar with a bunch of footloose susies ( what to do chey;;) quite a change from the last that I saw of braced , clueless, winded teen something. It seemed like it was yet another day in paradise for him . I really dint want to be that ugly head that creates trouble in paradise..some other day maybe

Just as I was getting ready to leave in came somene from our very own sandalwood. Quite a surprise I must say . A small chat laced with a bit of  lingua franca , a couple of warm smiles ,an autographed tissue - Nagu Naguta iri . Barla .. and the auto revvs bleat into the night .

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Feb. 14th, 2008 02:21 pm Never bank with Citibank

I'm appalled at the manner in which this call center professional at Citibank  spoke to me about my card application. She did every bit to reinforce my immutable sense of anguish and revulsion towards Citibank. Just to give you some background I had a nightmarish experience 2 years ago when I literally had to run from pillar to post to get a cheque of mine cleared towards a Tax saving instrument. Ever since the I have made it a point not to bank with Citibank.

For a couple of months now Ive been wanting a credit card that allows me to buy  fuel without extra charges. So I decided to apply for the one my dealer suggested ,albeit it was from Citibank ,since I did want to go through the hassle of applying for one myself. After almost 2 months laster I got a letter asking me to send some documents for the processing of the card which I did. Today I get a call from one K***gati who seemed not one bit concerned about the fact that she was dealing with a customer.Now this was supposed to be the customary verification call and she then proceeded to ask me some details. I then asked her about the benefits of the card and the terms and conditions that came with it. She dismissively said that this wasn't her job and said her  job was only to verify the information provided to her .Yet I kept my cool and asked her if she could ask someone to call me up from another department who could let me know about the details of the card. She then suggests that I call up the Citibank number in Bangalore to get the details myself which I promptly refused.

Now she just asked around with her colleagues in her Lingua Tamma all of whom had the least bit of idea about solving the problem. She then proceeds to give me a blank "I don't care a F**K " sounding " "We are helpless sir" asking me to give the details lest risk cancellation of the processing. I wanted to give her a piece of my mind but unfortunately did not as in I was in my cube. What sort of a customer service executive is she ? One who is, forget being the least bit courteous , condescending when talking to a prospective customer. I find that this the attitude with most of Citibank's customer facing executives.They  are the least bit concerned about solving the customer's problem and are out there just doing their job. I am irritated with the bank and shall never bank with them.

I do hope that they do not recover from the current soup they are in and go down into history books like the Titanic.

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Jan. 25th, 2008 02:39 pm rand()

Of late I have realised that my sense of nationalism or patriotism has weaned away and continues to erode with each passing year.Why do I feel this disconnect with my country , the place of my birth , the place of a million memories , the country that in some ways helped me become what I am ?  Although there is quite a lot water under the bridge I somehow don't seem to able to fill the void , bridge the gap between that I sense between myself and my country - India . Issues that concern India be it Nuclear 123 agreement or the zillion other burgeoning problems in India , they just don't seem strike a chord in me. I am somehow immune to all these problems and they don't set me off thinking. I wonder if this is a common phenomena these days with youth of the country. Be it the paucity of good leaders in politics , the woeful state of the unfilled  officer cadre posts in the armed forces or the declining number of recruits @ NDA. I feel the current generation of Indians don't seem to espouse the spirit of nationalism or patriotism to the same extent as their progeny did.I wonder at the reasons underlying this phenomena.
As a country we seem to be doing great - the economy is on a roll , Businesses are going great guns , for once were faring well down under, lifestyle has improved remarkably, affordability is at an all time high , culturally were sailing across previously unchartered waters.And yet inspite of all this I somehow sense this disconnect. Or is it because Im just not happy with myself . Does my country have something to do with that . Maybe partly. I drive through the city with precision and care paralleled only by that of an experienced surgeon evading and mitigating a myriad of risks on roads that seem to be designed for a crash course in obstacle driving . I contend with drivers who seem to be on an endless race with time deeming most objects on road as mere hurdles as opposed to vehicles driven by humans just like them.They somehow don't spare a thought for the rules that are designed to make everyone's life more comfortable and organized. Why are the people who are supposed to be setting things right choose to be ignorant and untouched by the problems that India is fraught with. Somehow there is this tendency to make good for one's sake at the cost of the other's . A tendency to build utopian islands cloistered from the outside world and revel in that. A tendency that breeds a sentiment of selfishness that seems to have been collectively embraced by society at large.

Mind you these are people whose job it is to think for the welfare of everybody and not philanthrophists who do some good in their time.
I can sense lot of resentment for all that is wrong and all that is not perfect.Given enough authority , power, money what possibly can hold back someone from doing something for the common good of his/her countrymen. Since when has doing good come to a passe. Why am I
happy just being an arm chair critic and not thinking of doing something ?

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